REVIEW **~** Adam (The Protectors #5) by Teresa Gabelman



Half-breed vampire, Adam Pride, has an almighty chip on his broad shoulders. Trying to move on after finding Angelina married to another, Adam has a decision to make. Remove the chip and move on or kill the man who took what he wanted most in the world, his Angel. 

With his heart in pieces, Adam’s on a mission to become the best VC Warrior he can be. It’s not long before fate steps in, turning his world and life as he knows it upside down. Shocking revelations will realign allegiances and draw the VC Warriors onto a new path. This journey is not Adam’s alone. Every Warrior, half-breed and human will be affected by what is to come. The unknown awaits. The battle has just begun.

♥My Review♥

Adam (The Protectors #5) by Teresa Gabelman

Adam & Angelina


This book is about so much more than Adam… it’s bigger than him and somehow still manages to tell his story adequately along side the bigger picture!  Sometimes a series has a turning point in it, a place that there’s no return from.  Well, this is it!  This is the book that has anything and everything teetering on the cusp of either victory or destruction.  I’m freakin’ way the fuck out here and jonesing for the next installment so that I can subject my heart to more turmoil and anguish!

In the last book, Adam still seemed very adolescent and for lack of a better word, dense!  I wasn’t so sure he was even old enough to warrant his own book, lol!  Boy was I wrong!  He’s incredibly alpha and he proves it.  I think he still has a lot to learn about control and discipline, but he grows intellectually and mentally with every passing word I read.  He sure has come a long way since being found with his sister by the Warriors!  Now, Angelina, well, she’s way more than I thought.  She always struck me as the quiet church mouse type.  Well, hell, that girls got more balls than most men I know!  The way she handles the situation at the door with Adam, or the way she puts her family in their place, or my favorite, the “I’m not a virgin” conversation.  Great stuff!

Great supporting character cast.  In fact, this whole book touches on just about everyone’s lives.  I’m getting a little irritated at the Jill/Slade tribulation.  These two have GOT TO GET A BOOK SOON!  But, seriously folks, this series is set apart from most in the way Ms. Gabelman writes them.  They (The Warriors) seem to get their own books, but upon completion don’t end with them getting married and having babies like so many other books end.  They all have breathtaking conclusions, however, they don’t finish the way you think they will.  Just read the damn series, and you’ll see!

Once again, the writing style is effortless to read, the dialogue flows and feels natural.  The setting and characters are described to a tee and the story was so compelling that I couldn’t put it down!  It’s 209 (Kindle version) pages long and believe me when I tell you, this is one book you won’t be able to put down.  209 pages goes by in one damn day, and you’ll be pleading for more.  Great job Ms. Gabelman.

5 Stars!


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