REVIEW **~** UnBeloved by Madeline Sheehan



Dorothy Kelley is a born romantic, searching for her prince. Instead she finds herself pregnant at fifteen, and a in a loveless marriage by the tender age of eighteen. 

Then hope comes riding into her life on a motorcycle and within weeks, Jason “Jase” Brady, a member of the Hell’s Horsemen motorcycle club, sweeps Dorothy off her feet.

But nothing is ever simple for Dorothy. Jase is married with children. And as Dorothy patiently waits for Jase to give her the happily-ever-after she’s been dreaming about, James “Hawk” Young, a member of the Hell’s Horsemen with secrets of his own, sees an opening into Dorothy’s life and takes it.

Carrying on two secret affairs is no easy feat. As Dorothy tries to dig herself out of the mess she’s created, covering one mistake with another, tragedy strikes, nearly costing Dorothy her life and that of her unborn son.

What follows is a long and painful journey of self-discovery and forgiveness, as Dorothy comes to realize that home was exactly where she’d left it, and the love she’d forever craved had always been within her reach.

This is the story of Dorothy, Jase, and Hawk.

We are all born pure; it is our journey that burdens us and leads us astray. Our mistakes that beat us down and cover us in guilt and shame, burying us a little more with each passing hardship. It is up to us to dig ourselves out, to come to terms with our faults, to embrace not only our imperfections but those of the ones we love, and to once again find the path we strayed from. 

Warning: This is not a conventional or predictable love story. It involves one woman and two men bound by a love so destructive it spans two decades, pitting brother against brother, and shattering the lives of those touched by it.

↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑My favorite part of the synopsis!!!!↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑

♥My Review♥

UnBeloved by Madeline Sheehan

Dorothy, Jase, and Hawk


Ok, well, what can I say…. I feel this wasn’t her best work, but it’s most certainly not bad, it’s good in fact! It’s just (I guess) not what I expected it to be.  This book is so many stories in one and the focus is not on one person, but several.  I was hoping for more individuality and distinctiveness when it came to the writing, but to no avail it mildly touched on the subjects I was hoping had more substance and core!  With all that being said, it’s still an awesomely written book.  Madeline is one of my favorite authors and will continue to be till the day I go to ground!  Never fear, it’s still packed with a shit ton of chaos, hilarity, sex, and enough violence to bring down the biggest of bikers, so stay tuned for more cause that epilogues is still freaking haunting me!

The supporting character cast is great as usual.  Dorothy and her fucked up life are very well portrayed and I almost feel like she may even be a girl I used to know!  Quiet, docile, and meek are just a few words I’d use to depict her…. that is until her backbone grows in and you can thank Eva for that.  Now Jason “Jase” Brady… holy freaking hell, this guys is immensely fucked up!  He needs AA, NA, or maybe even just a fifth of Whiskey and a loaded gun.  Who knows, but he needs to pull his head out of his ass right quick and in a hurry before he loses what’s left of his shambled life.  Hawk is so somber and stoic that just reading some of his parts was really getting to me, making me sob and hold my heart!  He’s a great man, and awesome Dad, and working on being an excellent life partner!

Great support character cast… Cox and Kami were cracking me up as usual, I especially love the “Shut up, Gorbachev” comment… couldn’t help but laugh out loud at that one!  Everyone is growing up, seems like a lifetime ago that I was reading Deuce and Eva’s book and now it all seems changed yet still the same somehow!

UnBeloved is effortless to read just like the rest of Madeline’s unique work.  The dialogue flows and feels very natural.  It’s 255 (Kindle version) pages long and it was just adequate to build up the tension enough so that the climax was grand!  I have to admit, she left me breathless with that epilogue and I’m going to be waiting (not so patiently) for UnDying to come out!

4 Stars! 






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