✩★✩★SIZZLE by Sarah O’Rourke is only 99 PENNIES!!!!✩★✩★

Sizzle Giggle Until You Gasp Teaser 99 cets

Molly Ramsey lives a nice, normal life. Her cat, her dog, and her two best friends are more than enough for her, thank you very much. Working for her brother’s best friend helps pay the bills, even though she often wants to strangle the sizzling-hot egomaniac with his own outrageously expensive tie!
William “Devil” Delancy built his vast empire through sheer determination and corporate takeover. The millionaire always gets what he wants…from women to companies and all points in between. And when he is done with them, he discards them without another thought. So when his sainted, dying grandmother voices her concern about his lack of a wife, he does what he knows best: he takes what he wants! And it just so happens that the woman nearest and dearest to him is his own assistant – the beautiful Molly.
Join this racy, rollicking romantic comedy that will take you from giggles to gasps and see just how far the Devil can push the unsinkable Molly before she sets both their worlds on fire. Romantica, erotica, humor, comedy and much more in 130,000+ words.


Sizzle by Sarah O’Rourke

Devil & Molly


Holy freakin’ hell… this book is a hoot! I never laughed so much in my whole damn life! Don’t get me wrong peeps, there is an abundance of creamy, steamy, and raunchy sex play, but listen to me and hear me good… when you conclude this tale, you’ll be effectively sated and completely contented! It’s definitely sticking with me for years to come!

Molly is like the girlfriend I’d hang out with. She’s loyal, devoted, and first-rate! She lives by that mentality of “Never leave a man behind!” I guess that’s why I love her so much. That and the fact that she has no filter. She can’t lie! When it comes to William “Devil” Delancy, she’s cornered the market on putting him in his place and telling him exactly what he needs to hear! I honestly don’t think I’d change a thing about her!

Now Devil, well, hell.. that boy is one hot piece of ass! I was sold on him before I even read one word of his dialogue! He’s sexy, clever, and well-off… what more could a girl want? I especially love how (with just a few words) he can put someone, anyone in their place and make them back off or go away all together! Total alpha in my book. I just want to bring to light just a few of the nick names given to Devil… well, Devil of course… but these are so much better… Satanic Slut! Man-Whore! Willy! El Diablo! Sinner! I found the “Devil bashing” some of the funniest parts of the book!

Great supporting character cast. Sami, Viv, Nana, Mr. & Mrs. Ramsey, Grant, Karen, and the vixens in Devil’s arsonal. Sami and Viv cracked me up anytime they entered the story. They have wit, spunk, and of course they’re the best friends a girl could ever have. Lucky Molly! Oh and that Nana and her wooden spoon. “Senior Citizen hands ass to billionaire grandson!” That shit was one of my many laugh out loud moments that I had to explain to my family along with like 200 other comical parts!

All is all, this brilliant story, this juicy tale is so compelling that I could not put it down! The dialogue flows perfectly and feels incredibly natural and extremely hilarious! There’s humor (tons), there’s angst, and there’s a swooning type of romance! It’s 448 (Kindle version) pages long and I’m pretty sure that if it were shorter would just take away from all the hilarious banter! Trust me… you’re gonna love it!

5 Stars!



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