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Warning: Graphic sex and violence. Age 18+ only

It is recommended to read after Deliver, but it can be read as a stand-alone.

Her life is like a prison cell.

A self-made, to-hell-with-the-free-world existence that locks from the inside.

Stop judging. Her agoraphobia doesn’t define her. It simply keeps her safe.

He belongs in a prison cell.

The 6×8, make-me-your-bitch variety that locks from the outside.

But he’s free. To hunt. To take. To break.

And he just found a sexy new toy.

Capturing her is the easy part. Her fucked-up mind, however, makes him question everything he does next.

But he’s a determined bastard. If all goes his way, this will hurt like hell.



He stalked toward her, mirroring the tilt of her head, knees and shoulders loose, and his gaze holding her prisoner. A breath away, he paused, soaking in the subtleties of her tipped-up chin, parting lips, and glossy but resolute eyes.

With the next breath, he launched, hands on her jaw, fingers spread around the back of her head.

His elbows dropped, shoulders raised, and he yanked her to him, lifting her on tiptoes, guiding her mouth, taking it. His grip twisted through her hair as he drew in her upper lip and shoved her against the fridge, following her with the weight of his body.

The kiss went fucking wild, their lips mashing in a frantic battle. His tongue plunged her mouth, attacking, thrusting in and out, possessing her movements, owning her. Breath for breath, lick after lick, he ate at her mouth, tasting, devouring.

He dropped his hands to her breasts, squeezing ruthlessly as he rolled his cock against her cunt.

His tongue tingled, his skin burned, and his head swam. God, she was a drug, and he was so fucking high.

She gripped his biceps, bit at his lips, and threw her arms over his shoulders, her fingers scratching the fuck out his back. He shuddered, loving it, but he was in control.

Reaching back, he grabbed her wrists and slammed them above her head. Their bodies ground together, his forearms pressing hers to the fridge, their tongues dancing and clashing. Chest-to-chest, hips fused together, he flexed his ass, dry humping her like a horny teenager.

Jesus, fuck, he didn’t care. He wanted her.

He leaned back to study her face and found strong smoldering eyes, sharp breaths, and swollen wet lips. Whatever she saw in his expression made her mouth chase his and her fingers curl around his hands. They kissed endlessly, fueling the fire and pushing his control long past the point of discomfort before pulling back and starting all over again.

When he broke the kiss with a hand on her jaw, they panted as one, mouths open and so close their bottom lips brushed. She peered at him through lowered lashes, and he stared back in awe. What trembled between them wasn’t an if? Or even a how hard? Those were foregone. The question they shared was simple.




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Vanquish by Pam Godwin

Van & Amber


First and foremost… what is the definition of Vanquish…. well, I looked it up just to be sure and accurate!!!


1. to conquer or subdue by superior force, as in battle
2. to defeat in any contest or conflict; be victorious over. to vanquish one’s opponent in an argument.
3. to overcome or overpower. He vanquished all his fears

Well my fellow readers… I have been Vanquished!!!! I have been conquered, I have been subdued, and I have been overpowered, but I have overcome! No doubt in my mind! Vanquished is not for the faint of heart. I don’t think any of Pam’s books are! This one is dark and wicked and will light your panties on fire! As usual, Pam’s newest release Vanquish has done me in. I’m like a limp noodle blowing in the breeze! I want to scream from the rooftops that this book will change the way you think about everything you thought you knew about yourself! I lived every aspect of this book right along with Amber and Van. I felt their joy and pain. I wanted to be Amber and her fucked up-ness…. I wanted to be Van and his crazy quirks… sadly I’m still me, but a fresh new me… A me that will never look at the outside world the same way again.

Amber is a Agoraphobic in the worst kind of way. She’d been a shut in for two years and can’t seem to find the means to alleviate her ailment. She’s more fucked up than you think and to read her dialogue will nearly destroy you. I was drawn to her like a moth to a flame. On top of her disorders, she seems to have the best sense of humor. I mean in her head and out her mouth, she can crack a good one along with the best of them.

“You want to know what’s wrong with me? My genital herpes has flared up. You know, blistering sores, cracked open and itching? My Valtrex prescription is in one of these packages.”

Even with her condition, I still adore her. She was one half of an exhilarating book I could NOT put down.

Now, for the other half, better or not… I love Van with my entire being! He scared the ever-lovin’ shit out of me in Deliver. I’ll admit, I love the “bad” guy… I usually do… and Van is no exception. His demeanor captivated me and drew me in. I wanted to believe deep underneath that scarred face and heated façade that there was an admirable guy clawing to get out. After careful review, to me he just added more aspects to his individuality, but remained the same in a fucked up sort of way! I found him irresistible and alluring. He’s hard, yet forgiving and for the most part, unbreakable! Thank God for Van Quiso. He has VANquished me, VANdelized my soul, and VANishedany preconceived notions I’ve ever had about him and his ability to slither beneath my skin and fester like an enflamed herpes attack! LOL!

To wrap this up… Vanquish is on my 2014 top ten list… hell, it’s on my ALL TIME top ten list… it’s sits right beside everything else Pam Godwin has written. Pam’s writing flows with such ease and natural feeling dialogue that you’ll be absorbed in it before you even have time to think. Pam creates the precise amount of tension and angst that when you finally reach that beautiful climax, you’ll be reeling for days! I’m not sure how many pages long the Kindle version is, but… for this reader it was perfect! ❤ Vanquish and I ❤ Pam Godwin!

5 Stars because 10 is not available



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New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author, Pam Godwin, lives in the Midwest with her husband, their two children, and a foulmouthed parrot. When she ran away, she traveled fourteen countries across five continents, attended three universities, and married the vocalist of her favorite rock band.

Java, tobacco, and dark romance novels are her favorite indulgences, and might be considered more unhealthy than her aversion to sleeping, eating meat, and dolls with blinking eyes.

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