COVER REVEAL.:。✿*゚‘゚・✿.。 Micah (Damage Control #1) by Jo Raven


MICAH (Damage Control #1) COVER REVEAL

New Adult contemporary romance

by Jo Raven

Cover by: Jo Raven

RELEASE DATE: Dec 16, 2014 in the Red Hot Alphas Boxset



There’s me: Micah Owens. Tattoo artist at Damage Control. No parents or siblings. A past that still gives me nightmares.

And then there’s her: Evangeline, the girl who saved my life and haunts my more pleasant dreams. Only she doesn’t know who I really am, and telling her might well send her fleeing for the hills. She deserves better than a loser like me. She’s pretty. She’s clever. She’s goddamn sexy and has a heart of gold.

Which is why I can’t tell her. A smile from her and I’ll do all I can to make her mine – including pretending to be someone I’m not, someone worth having.

Isn’t love weird?


This is book 1 in the Damage Control series – a series parallel to Inked Brotherhood, so that you’ll find the boys of Inked Brotherhood making appearances here, too.

MICAH is a stand-alone work. No cliffhanger.

The expected publication date is Dec 16, 2014 in the Red Hot Alphas Boxset, on all of your favorite e-book websites.







I ring the bell again, and when nothing happens, I check the piece of paper. I’m at the right place. Maybe Rafe made a mistake? Or maybe Micah is not in.

Just when I’m about to turn and go, I think I hear footsteps and push the paper into the pocket of my jacket. I lick my lips, my nervousness returning.

The lock creaks and the door slides open. “Yeah?” a hoarse male voice says, and I catch a glimpse of a suspicious blue eye through the opening.

“Micah? It’s me, Ev.” Oh God, this sounds so lame. I shift my weight again, my leg twinging. “I, um. I forgot my walking stick at the cafe…” I feel ridiculous addressing his eye and not even seeing his whole face. “I was hoping maybe you noticed and got it for me.”

“Ev?” His voice cracks. He turns away and coughs, and the worry gently gnawing at my insides morphs into a voracious monster.

“Are you all right?” My voice goes high-pitched, and I wince. Calm down, Ev. “That cold still hasn’t cleared up?”

“What?” He pulls the door open and leans against it, bracing one arm on the frame. One bare, muscled arm. Attached to his muscular bare chest. “Oh, the cold, yeah. I’m fine.”

Fine. “Why did you stay home if you’re fine?”

He blinks at me, a slow sweep of long lashes against high cheekbones, and I have a moment of oh-crap-I’ve-gone-too-far panic.

But he doesn’t slam the door in my face as I think he might. “Rough night,” he mutters. “Ocean said he’d cover for me at work, so I stayed home to sleep.”

Straightforward. Honest. A rough night. I want to ask what made it rough, but I think I’ve already overstepped the boundaries of our… friendship? Acquaintance?

I drop my gaze from his face, and that’s a mistake. My mind blanks a little as I realize he’s shirtless and barefoot, lounging in front of me in only a pair of gray low-hung, draw-string pants. My gaze slides back up his long legs to his narrow hipbones and a spectacular set of abs, complete with sexy divots forming a V line.

My mouth is honest-to-god watering. I tear my gaze off those lickable abs only for it to be caught by his defined pecs and then his amused sky-blue eyes.

“Is there anything I can do for ya?” he drawls lazily, and I swear my panties get wet at the raspy sound.

Well, wetter.

Which is kind of alarming. No guy has ever had such an effect on me before.





Jo Raven writes New Adult contemporary romance. She loves sexy bad boys and strong-willed heroines, and divides her time between writing and reading. When not cooking up plots, she putters in her cluttered kitchen and dreams of traveling to and .







COVER REVEAL✩★✩★Finding Laila by T.K. Rapp

Title: Finding Laila

Author: T.K. Rapp

Release Date: Jan 13, 2015

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Joey, Cole, Haden and Braxton have been a constant in my life since I was five, and I have loved being one of the guys.

I’ve been cheerleader.

I’ve been study partner.

I’ve been listener.

When we’re young, we don’t realize the profound impact certain people will have on our lives. I had no idea twelve years ago I’d meet four boys who would turn out to be my best friends, my soul mates – my barmy.

Now school is almost done, our last summer together is drawing closer, and I’m trying to hold on to what we have while I still can. After this we’ll have to say goodbye to each other, as our choices will take our lives in different directions. But I don’t know if our friendship can survive once secrets and surprises begin revealing themselves to us at every turn.

When it’s all said and done, will our friendships remain unbreakable? Or will our once strong bond prove to be weaker than we anticipated?

Letting go is harder than I thought, but some changes are necessary.

And finding Laila…finding myself…may be the greatest journey of all.


“I guess we know the flavor of the week,” a female voice says from behind me, causing several others with her to laugh.

I know they’re talking about me. They’re always talking about me. It’s been this way since I was in seventh grade, but I’ve made it my mission to ignore it.

“She certainly gets around,” another voice chimes in.

Cole is sitting to my left, Haden to my right and both guys are staring at the field, but neither is paying attention to the game. I watch out of my peripheral as Haden’s forearm muscles tense and relax while Cole bites his lip. They are intently focused on the words being thrown at me, but keep quiet for the time being.

“She must be good because they all stick around,” a guy’s voice states in salacious tone that makes me nauseous.

I don’t wait for another barb to be hurled my way, even though I know it’s coming. I throw my arm around Haden and whisper something in his ear before kissing his cheek then turning to do the same to Cole. I lean forward to see Joey, who is next to Cole and give him a wink, “I’ll get you later, Baby.”

He shakes his head and laughs, “Why must you stir the pot?”

Haden smiles – proud of my display – and it pushes me on.

I turn to look at the three classmates who have stopped chattering long enough to watch my little show, jaws hanging open. I shrug my shoulders, and answer Joey, “I’m just giving them what they want.”

One of the girls, Kasey, looks at me and raises a brow, “And what about Braxton?”

I glance over to Cole who’s listening to everything, but is still watching the game. He smirks, as if he knows what’s coming and a smile of my own begins to break.

They are gawking at me when I turn and wet my lips before winking at the girls.

“If he wins, we all win,” I say huskily.

“Touchdown!” The announcer yells and the crowd jumps to their feet to celebrate. All but the three jerks behind me.

T.K. Rapp was born and raised in Texas. She would have stuck around there forever, but her husband was in the U.S. Navy, so they moved every 18 months. However, she didn’t mind, because she had the opportunity to live on both coasts and met amazing people along the way.

Now, finally settled back in Texas…for good, she is able to pursue her writing. When she’s not at her desk, she enjoys being with her family, visiting with friends or just watching movies. But mostly just being with the family.

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New Release★•**•.★After Forever by Julie Johnstone

After Forever Banner

after forever


A year after her husband’s tragic death, all Lady Julianna Barrows wants is to be left alone and forget that most of her heart went with him when he passed. Instead, she finds herself the subject of many a matchmaking scheme and lurid offer to ease her widowhood, as well as save her fading fortune. Desperate to avoid having to remarry, she takes on a position as a tutor, only to discover that the man she’s helping unexpectedly stirs her heart and passion.

Nash Wolverton boxed his way out of the London slums and into immense wealth, but he couldn’t care less about Society’s approval. Except he has his by-blow daughter’s future to consider. To ensure her acceptance into Society, he’ll endure anything―including procuring a tutor to transform him into a gentleman so he can secure a suitable, boring wife.

Yet what he wants changes the moment he hires Julianna. She may be a lady, but she’s far from tedious. Bold and compassionate, she is nothing like the women of the ton. Suddenly, she’s elicited a simmering desire in him, and even a longing to love and be loved that he always thought out of his reach. Knowing what he planned to settle for can now never be enough, he vows to win her love. But as the walls she’s built begin to crumble, Julianna’s fears threaten to tear them apart and she alone must decide if protecting her heart trumps breaking Nash’s.

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He met Julianna’s worried gaze and smiled. Was she worried for him? That was a first. No, wait. It was a second. She had been anxious for him that night at the ball, as well. Every part of him wanted to learn more about this delicate creature standing before him. Like how she happened to be here. He’d bet his fortune she’d never willingly admit her secrets.

“I suppose you’re here to seduce me,” he said, forcing a serious, contemplative tone.

Her lovely mouth parted. “What?”

“I have to tell you, I’m not one to be easily seduced.” He dropped his voice low, teasing. “But for you I’ll make an exception.”

“How very generous of you,” she replied with a smirk, high color rising on her sculpted cheekbones.

He purposely yanked his clothes into a semblance of order before catching her gaze once again. He stilled his hands and narrowed his gaze. “Should I be concerned about your dogged pursuing of me? You’re not cracked are you?”

“I’m beginning to wonder,” she grumbled, forcing him to press his lips together to keep from smiling.

She shoved her hair over her shoulders. “Rest assured I’m not doggedly pursuing you.”

“How disappointing.” He allowed the truth of his feelings to shimmer at the surface for a moment before lightening his tone. “And here I thought I must have so intrigued you at the ball that you investigated me, learned where I had my country home, and made your way here with your daughter all in the hope of encountering me and trying to talk me into marrying you.”

The color on her cheeks deepened and spread, rather alluringly, to her chest. Her gaze darted away for a moment before settling back on him. “Actually, I did come here in search of you, though not with marriage in mind.”

He lifted his brows slowly, even as his blood raced through his veins. He really should not keep teasing her, but it was impossible to resist. “I like how you think, Lady Barrows.”

Her brows furrowed together before her eyes widened. “I’m not thinking of you like that at all. I don’t even see you in that way. More like a dog in need of training.”

“Your flattery is rather lethal,” he chided playfully, enjoying the rapid reddening of her lovely skin.

She pressed her hands to her cheeks while a smile played at her lips. “You’re muddling my thoughts.”

“Dogs can have that effect.”

“Do be serious.”

“Do you want me to be a good boy and sit?”

“No, roll over and play dead,” she said straight-faced.

He couldn’t stop the bark of laughter that escaped him.

She grinned in return. “What I meant to say before you befuddled me was, I did come here to find you, but―”

“Ah, ah, ah.” He wiggled his finger at her. “I find when women insert the word but into their sentences nothing pleasant follows for the man.”

“Do try and listen.”

“I am.” His repressed laughter vibrated his words.

“Are you always this way?” she asked with a laugh.

“What way is that?” He loved how her eyes twinkled when she smiled.

“Do you always show so much affection to your daughter and banter so lightheartedly with ladies you barely know?”

He quirked his mouth as if he were lost temporarily in deep thought. “I do always show an enormous amount of affection to my daughter. I grew up without the benefit of knowing whether my mother or father loved me, and I never want my daughter to doubt my love. And as for bantering with ladies I don’t know, I know you.” That husky sound had crept back into his tone. Something about this woman did that to him.

Her eyes grew wide so that he could see that gold flecked the green.

“What is it you think you know about me, Mr. Wolverton?”

“Call me Nash.” He wanted to hear his name from her lips. He couldn’t say precisely why―it was another gut desire―and one he’d never experienced.

She shook her head. “I couldn’t possibly.”

“You could possibly.” He leaned close as if to whisper a secret. “I’ve just given you leave to do so.”

“It’s not proper,” she said, her pink tongue darting out to lick her full lips.

He had a brief image of taking her mouth with his and slipping his tongue inside her warm, beckoning caverns. He had no doubt she’d be sweeter than honey. “Are you always proper, Julianna?”

Her hand fluttered to her neck. “Yes. I’m rather boring that way. Are you always this improper?”

“I’m afraid so. I’m rather exciting that way.” He slid one finger down her bare, silken arm from the crook of her elbow all the way to her small hand. Taking her slender, cool fingertips in his he lifted them to his lips, telling himself he shouldn’t and knowing he damn well would anyway. He pressed a kiss to the edge of her fingers, the contact of his lips to her flesh making him ache painfully.

About the Author


Julie Johnstone is a best-selling author of Regency Romance and the author of a new urban fantasy/paranormal romance book. She’s been a voracious reader of books since she was a young girl. Her mother would tell you that as a child Julie had a rich fantasy life made up of many different make believe friends. As an adult, Julie is one of the lucky few who can say she is living the dream by working with her passion of creating worlds from her imagination. When Julie is not writing she is chasing her two precocious children around, cooking, reading or exercising. Julie loves to hear from her readers. You can send her an email at or find her at, or on Facebook at authorjuliejohnstone and juliejohnstoneauthor or at twitter @juliejohnstone.


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REVIEW & GIVEAWAY¨*.¸¸.✶A Reason to Kill by C.P. Smith

CP Smith ARTK Release

 A REASON TO KILL (Reason #2) by CP Smith



WARNING: Author believes in soul mates and insta love proceed with caution if you’re not a romantic at heart.

You’ve met Jack from “A Reason To Breathe” now meet his cousin and lumberjack Max, Max Hunter or as Mia likes to call him Thor, God of Thunder

You know what they say about lust at first sight…..It’s a seven deadly sin but when you sin . . . you sin hard.

Max Hunter has a problem, well, two, actually. One he fished out of the river and the other…A killer.

Mia Roberts has a problem that stands six foot five and swings an axe like a God. On assignment to study the grizzlies of the Alaskan frontier, she stumbles across a body and then stumbles into the arms of a lumberjack she can’t resist.

Throw in Max’s mother, a handful of crazy friends and family and you have a recipe for adventure.

Rated B for Bossy, F for funny, T for Thor, God of Thunder, R for language, explicit sexual content and EDIBLE UNDIES. For mature audiences only. 18 and above.




A Reason To Kill by C.P. Smith

Max and Mia


First and foremost this story can be read as a stand alone although if you read it predecessor, A Reason To Breathe, you will come to appreciate A Reason To Kill that much more.   It’s packed with tons of passionate suspense, more hilarity then I fear you’ll be able to handle, and some of the hottest and steamiest sex scenes I’ve ever read. C.P. does an outstanding job of keeping you on the edge of your seat the entire time you’re engrossed in her stories. Every time she writes one, they just keep getting better and better.

Max… OMG MAX! He’s got qualities that just keep surfacing and charming the pants right off my apprehensive body! I truthfully didn’t even have to read a word of this story to know that I would completely fall in love with Max. I’m drawn to C.P.’s leading men like a moth to a flame.   They are perfect in every way and Max is no different. He’s bossy, sexy, rugged, in his prime, and for God sakes people, he’s a damn lumberjack!   Need I say more! He is the one thing that the town of Trails End depends on.   His logging company is what keeps the town in business and it’s people afloat. Enter Mia! She’s a semi-city girl sent to Trails End to study grizzly bears. She hate bugs, camping, and her boss! When the town is presented with a murder and all fingers and axes point to Mia, what will Max do and how will he save Mia from conviction and HERSELF? And, how will he move her from possible to probable? Mia made me laugh out loud more times than I can count. I just love her “bear” t-shirts! “I’m over koalafied.” – LOL

Great supporting character cast in Maxine, Martha, Jess, Lucy, Zimmer, even that asshole Cop Stetson makes the story that much richer! Maxine and Martha have the best occupation. Not what you would think two 60 something chickies would do for a living, but oh so damn funny!

To wrap this up. In a nutshell, this story was so gripping that I could not put it down. I found myself saying, “One more chapter, then I’ll go to bed!”   Yeah, right, never happened and I went to work dead tired! The dialogue flows well and feels exceedingly natural.   The tension and suspense leading up to that magnificent conclusion is one I won’t ever forget. You will literally be on the edge of your seat till the very last chapter. Don’t mistake me, the tale is effortless to read, but will have your heart and tummy in knots, but will keep you in the “who done it!” mode for most of the time. I utterly loved it!

5 Stars cause 10 weren’t an option!

Teaser (5)





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C.P. Smith is a stay-at-home mom. The need for more stories featuring older couples is the driving force behind her writing. Love isn’t just for the young it’s for everyone. A first kiss at 18 or 50 is still a first kiss–full of wonder and expectation.








。✿*゚‘゚・✿.。.:COVER REVEAL★Red by Kim Jones。✿*゚‘゚・✿.。.:

Red is
living life in the spotlight, a place she always dreamed of. Stripping was a
way of escaping from her past, and it was something she was well-known for.
But, Red’s fight to remain queen isn’t the only battle she’s facing. And when
the war against her addiction is won, it’s not in her favor.
three to five years in a federal penitentiary, Red feels like her life is over.
But, just like he always does, Luke Carmical, her childhood best friend, comes
to the rescue. Only this time, he’s brought Devil’s Renegades Regg with him.
Having no other option, Red is forced to spend the next ninety days in a place
she’s never been and in the care of a man she hardly knows.
three months of her life on a secluded farm turns out to be a lot more than Red
bargained for. Because, it’s there that Regg stands by her side through endless
hours of withdrawal, constant mood swings and restless pacing. It’s there that
the MC family reminds her of their motto:love, loyalty and respect. And it’s there she learns that hitting rock bottom, doesn’t keep you
from falling…in love.


I stood in the doorway, helpless as the woman that I had
devoted my life to lay lifelessly in the bed before me. Her nightmares were so
frequent that I was afraid to even leave the room for fear she would wake and I
wouldn’t be there. It had to be well past two in the morning, and my body was
now running on adrenaline alone. Less than twenty-four hours ago my girl was
being sexually assaulted by a man that I once called my friend. I felt my grip
tighten around the coffee mug I held in my hand.
Breathe Luke.
The last thing I needed was to harm a part of myself in a
way that would prevent me from holding her when she needed me. My hands no
longer belonged to me. My eyes were only for her, and my heart was held in the
tiny palms of the hands of Dallas Knox. I had no idea what they had done to
her. Earlier, as I had washed her broken, dirty, battered body, I noticed the
way she cringed when my hands fell to the places where she once enjoyed my
touch. He had touched her. He had put his hands on something that was mine. I
knew I sounded like some kind of barbarian getting territorial over my
property, but that was not the reason I was so pissed. I was pissed because
they had stole something from her that she would never be able to get back. Her
pride, dignity and her right to say who could touch her had been taken. She was
now a broken woman and I would spend my last days on Earth piecing her back
“Luke.” I heard her whisper in her sleep. I knew a
nightmare was soon to follow. She often called out my name as if she was
preparing me for what was to come, although I knew that was not possible. If
Dallas could control the torturous dreams she would.
I sat down my now cold coffee on the night stand and
climbed into bed behind her. I was no longer the man I once was. Many people
who saw me every day in my cut, proudly sporting that Devil’s Renegades patch
would not think that I had succumbed to a man who was willing to cradle his
woman like a baby just to reassure her she was safe. Some would say I was
losing my edge, or going soft, but that was not the case. Dallas might have my
heart, but the blood that ran through my veins was cold. Frankie would die and
it would be me who pulled the trigger to end his life, if he was lucky. I would
much rather cover him in peanut butter and bury him alive in an ant hill
somewhere, but I would probably be forced to take a more humane route. I felt
Dallas’ small frame curl deep into the mattress and I was pulled from my
thoughts of Frankie and back into the situation at hand.
“Please.” I heard Dallas cry as her body started to convulse
into shudders that made my heart clench and my eyes fill with tears.
“I’m here, baby. I’m here.” I turned her to me and buried
her face in my chest, rocking us back and forth as I whispered reassurances in
her ear. I felt her body take a sudden deep breath and I squeezed my eyes shut
at what I knew was to come.
Loud, blood curdling screams
echoed off the walls of the bedroom. I pulled her closer, tilting her head back
so I could look in her face as I shook her gently, waking her.
“Dallas. Wake up, baby. You are
safe. No one can hurt you anymore.” I had said the words so many times, but
each time hurt just as much as the first. When her beautiful green eyes opened
up to me, I could see the sorrow that filled them. Her right eye was barely
visible through her swollen lid that was so many shades of blue and purple that
it looked almost unreal. Sobbing always came next, and this time was no
different. It was like she was ashamed to look at me, and the thought made me a
die a little on the inside. I rubbed her hair continuously until her breathing
slowed and I was sure she knew she was safe. We had followed this same pattern
every few hours for the last day. I knew she would request something to drink,
and since I couldn’t leave her alone for even a moment, and she wouldn’t go by
herself, I cradled her in my arms and carried her to the kitchen with me. I had
become an expert at maneuvering around with her in my arms. With her legs
wrapped around my waist, and her arms wrapped around my neck, I moved around
the kitchen to service her every need.
Pain reliever.
More water.
Another round of tears, as her
need for me sunk in.
Apologies from her.
Apologies from me.
Reassurances from her.
Reassurances from me.
Back to bed.
As I carried her down the hall
and to the bathroom, my anger flared, just as it always did. My strong,
independent, talented, thoughtful, wonderful girl couldn’t even take a piss on
her own without fearing for her life. Yes, Frankie the Cutter was going to die,
and the pleasure was gonna be all mine.
Kim Jones is a writer with big
dreams and a creative imagination. Her infatuation with the MC lifestyle
inspired her to write a short story about a love affair between a prestigious
young woman and a bad-ass biker. After falling in love with her characters, she
turned the ten-thousand word short story into a novel. Juggling her writing and
her role as ol’ lady to her husband, Reggie, her first novel, Saving Dallas,
was published in May of 2013. Saving Dallas Making the Cut, the sequel to
Saving Dallas, was published in September 2013 and she plans to release Saving
Dallas Forever, the final book in the Saving Dallas trilogy, in February 2014.
Kim resides in Collins, MS with her husband Reggie, two dogs Neo and Maggie and
a twenty pound cat named Cici. 

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