NEW RELEASE¸.•´¸➷¸.•´No Denying you (Danvers #5) by Sydney Landon




After Emma Davis’s first week at Danvers International, she’s convinced her boss will drive her crazy…

Being the assistant to uptight workaholic Brant Stone is more than Emma can bear. But in her weaker moments, she can’t help but admit that the sexy control freak can turn her on with an insult more than any man she’s ever met…

So when Emma gains an unexpected advantage, she blackmails Brant into accompanying her to her high school reunion. After all, the enemy she knows is preferable to a blind date arranged by her meddling mother.

But before they realize what’s happening, they are doing more than acting the part…they’re living it. The war that has been raging between them shifts playing fields to the bedroom, as hate turns to lust and then to something so much more…




No Denying You (Danvers #5) by Sydney Landon

Brant & Emma


Another superior one from Sydney Landon. This is the 5th installment of the Danvers collection and they just seem to keep getting better and better! This is a rather quirky love story in the sense that you start out thinking, how can there possibly be a love story here… These people despise each other. Funny how that happens. You’ll just have to read it to see the way this plays out! By the way, this may be part of a series, but could most definitely be read as a stand alone.

Emma is Brant’s assistant and Brant is an all work and no play kind of boss. He’s offensive, condescending, and above all he just can’t seem to be pleasant where Emma’s concerned. Emma takes it in stride, but there’s something lurking just underneath that tough-girl exterior. Something that broke me and it took the rest of the book to put me back together! You’ll find this story is jam-packed with so much angst, humor, and sex appeal that you’ll be reeling for days. I absolutely could not put it down and read it in one damn day!

The dialogue flows very nicely and feels natural. There was plenty of tension and torment to keep me glue to my kindle all day. It’s 304 (kindle version) pages long and at that, it was effortless to read, the pacing was just right, and highs and lows you’ll experience will make the climax that much better.

5 Stars!





Sydney Landon lives in Greenville, South Carolina and has spent the last twenty-five years working in accounting. Sydney met her own prince charming in 2000 and received the most romantic proposal on a pier in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, thus creating her eternal love for the city. The fact that her future husband was a fellow computer geek completely sealed the deal for her. She credits him with keeping her calm and rational while also understanding her need for a new pair of shoes every other week. They have two children who keep life interesting and borderline insane, but never boring. The idea of the Danvers’ Series popped into her head and refused to go away. She started writing the first story never imagining that it would ever be finished. Three months later it turned into her first book, Weekends Required. Within a few months, it had quickly made the best-seller list on Amazon, and went on to make the New York Times Best Seller List.  Barely taking a breath between books, Sydney followed up with the second book in the series, Not Planning on You. Within the first month, this book also became a best-seller. The third book in the series, Fall For Me was released in February 2013 and became a New York Times Best Seller.  The fourth book in the series, Fighting For You releases in paperback in February 2014.  Sydney is currently working on the fifth book in the Danvers’ Series. When she isn’t writing, Sydney enjoys reading, swimming and being a mini-van driving, soccer mom.



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