♥PRE-RELEASE BLITZ: Forsaken (The Found book 2) by Caitlyn O’Leary♥



Caught Between Duty and Love…
Seth Natani is one of the DEA’s best operatives thanks to his “found” abilities, but he’s hanging on by a thread. Working undercover for almost two years the evil surrounding him continues to mount. Leaving his lover, Annie Newman, behind was the hardest thing he had ever done. The only thing that helps him survive the horror of his assignment is his belief that one day they will be together again. In the meantime he finds solace in his dreams.
A Woman Betrayed…
Annie Newman has not seen the man she loves in two years, she is desolate, but unbroken. Moving forward is her nature, and now that she has given birth to a daughter she has everything to live for. Nell is targeted by unknown forces because she is part “found”. Determined that nothing will harm her child, Annie joins with others of the “found” with similar other-worldly abilities as the man she loves. In the meantime she finds solace in her dreams.
Where Dreams Are Real…
Night after night Seth and Annie cling to one another in their dreams, finding a passion that leaves them gloriously fulfilled in sleep, but achingly lonely upon waking. Just when Seth thinks his assignment is ending, it takes a turn for the worse when he finds out they are trafficking in young women. When Annie is taken, will Seth be able to save the woman he loves and make their dreams reality?


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