☆☆COVER REVEAL: Peace by Piece by S.J. McGran☆☆

Title: Peace by Piece
Author: S.J McGran
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: Summer 2015


About Peace by Piece

There’s an expiration date on every life. A ticking clock counting down the seconds until you no longer exist in this world.
Each tick of the clock is louder for me.
I don’t have an eternity. I have one year. Just twelve short months.
If life promised an infinity he could have been my forever, and without a doubt I should have been his always.

Add S.J’s newest stand-alone novel, Peace by Piece, 
to your Goodreads TBR list.
Peace by Piece is due out late June/early July of 2015
About SJ McGran
S.J lives in Toledo, OH with her husband, and two fur-babies–Grandy (cat) and Spirit (puppy).

She is a die-hard Detroit Tigers baseball fan. She’s a coffee addict, a chocoholic, and could live on pizza and ice cream. She’s also kind of a craft beer snob. 

Her debut series is called the Triumph Series. Each novel is a stand-alone with overlapping characters, and contains no cheating or cliff-hangers.

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