✾✾REVIEW: Epiphany: Part Three by Gemma James✾✾


I’m reeling, free falling, my world destroyed from the bombshell of a secret my mother dropped on me. The timing couldn’t be more dangerous. The Hangman is closing in, but even if I do survive his noose of death, I fear there won’t be anything left to go back to.

What if Happily Ever After isn’t in the cards for Aidan and me?

Part three of a three-part serial. Intended for mature audiences due to adult situations, explicit language, and disturbing subject matter. Approximately 27,000 words.




Epiphany part three by Gemma James

Aiden & Mackenzie


My stomach has been doing flips flops since I laid my eyes on this series. I am certainly glad that it’s over. Don’t get me wrong the book is excellent, the series superb, but the emotional roller coaster this serial has had me on is nothing short of mayhem and havoc.

Mackenzie got on my last damn nerve in this last installment. I get why she did and said what she did but I honestly feel she would have benefited much more if she would have just let Aiden in from the beginning. But that’s just one girl’s opinion. Mackenzie is searching for the truth, a truth she does not want to except.   She’s on a mission but at the same time the hangman serial killer is still out there. Will Mackenzie find what she’s looking for? Will she like what she finds? And more importantly will she avoid certain death from the hangman at all costs? Bwahahahah… good luck with all that!!!

Aiden seems more forthcoming in this last book, however there’s still more to learn about our mysterious Ex-Reporter!!   Aiden is on his own mission, to find and eradicate the hangman serial killer. Although he may have some good leads, he seems to not have time to pursue those as he is more concerned with McKenzie’s safety and whereabouts. Much more is revealed regarding our beautifully handsome Aiden and quite honestly, it made me fall deeper in love with this hottie!

The supporting character cast is vast.   Learning more about Aidan’s family, McKenzie’s family, and pepper in a little more Joe (the ex) and this supporting character cast detonated the pages. I quite honestly wanted to kick Mackenzie’s mother’s ass several times. She unloads a shit storm of hell upon Mackenzie and for that I would have gladly offered her up to the hangman in a heartbeat!

In a nutshell, the conclusion to this serial is fast paced, full of energy, and was effortless to read. Gemma James is a phenomenal author who sucks you in with her suspense and thrills. She doesn’t just tell you a story, she somehow seems to put you in it. This emotional roller coaster will pull on your heartstrings, bring you to a very dark place, and lift whatever spirits you may have left. Thank you Gemma for killing me softly!!!

5 Stars!

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