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FilthySeries6x9 Ebook


**The complete dark erotic Filthy Serial Novel with an epilogue and bonus material**

She runs from darkness
Into more of the same.
She runs to darkness,
She can never stay away.

Faye Turner is a nineteen-year-old homeless prostitute addicted to cocaine.

Her life is simple, bouncing from one high to the next, bent over greasy truck seats for faceless men. But everything changes when Rhett Hale comes back into her life. Her devilishly handsome step-brother brings life-changing news and a special kind of hate reserved only for Faye. But all the hate in the world can’t hide Rhett’s lust for her.

He wants something wild. Something filthy.

And Faye is tempted to give him just that.

But nothing is simple. Rhett isn’t the only part of her past that comes back.
Faye can’t run.
She can’t hide.
She becomes twined up in the razor sharp lies she fought so hard to get away from.
But lies only bloody the path to the truth.

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Filthy (the 6 part serial) by Megan D. Martin

Faye.. Rhett.. Taylor


Ok, this is a six-part serial that I read as one huge book. My review will be based on all six novellas instead of six separate reviews.   I probably should have done them separate, but shit happens, you’re getting one huge review!!!

I was asked by a fellow blogger if I would like to review this, I wasn’t sure that I actually had the time and quite frankly I’m still not sure I had the time as a few other books get put on the back burner so that I could plaster my face to my Kindle and soak up the dirty, filthy, evil contents of this beautiful serial.

This book is unlike any other I have ever read. Sure, I’ve read about prostitution, drug usage, rape, and everything else in between.   This one just seem to be portrayed in such a way that shook my soul and changed me forever. Its darker and grittier than anything I’ve come across in along time. It will make you so irritated and so miserable and believe it or not you might even chuckle sometimes.

Faye is a homeless prostitute in the beginning of the story. She’s only 19 years old and she seen and done more than most of us will see and do in our lifetime. She’s basically alienated herself from an wicked life that nearly killed her.   That’s not to say that the life she chose to go to is not killing her, but for her the prostitution and the drug usage is a far better choice then what she came from. She harbors dark secrets about her step father and her mother.   She’s been in love with her stepbrother almost her entire life, but she can’t seem to find her way back to him and he seems to have the same problem.

Rhett is Faye’s step brother… he’s unquestionably a person I could love but he is also a person I could hate! He tries to bring Faye back to the life she ran from, convinced that life she left behind is healthier than the life she chose for herself. Maybe so… He doesn’t know the horror she lived through under his father’s roof but he’s determined to bring her back. He says many wounding things to Faye without knowing why she lives her life as a prostitute and a drug addict. Quite honestly I think Rhett should have seen what was going on right in front of his face, but sadly it would be years until he actually figured it out.

Taylor is Faye’s stepfather and the evilest villain I’ve ever seen in the book. He’s a vile piece of shit and on top of being a pedophile and a rapist this asspipe doesn’t even think he’s done one thing wrong.   He’s sick, he’s twisted, and he’s one mean son of a bitch. Every time I would read the word “Daddy” or “Faye baby” my insides would cringe, my heart would bleed, and the hair on the back of my neck with stand on end.

The supporting character cast in this book I could lump into two categories those I love and those I hate!   First up on my list would be Jessica, Faye’s mother. Although she doesn’t have much dialogue in this book, the dialogue she does have is so damaging and so malicious that I can’t even grasp the concept of what she did to her own daughter for her own benefit. I hated her! Next up would be Sarah, Rhett’s girlfriend since college. Sarah was a side character that I found hard to relate to at first. She’s beautiful and she’s smart but she cries all the time and that in itself was getting on my last damn nerve. I know Sarah had very good intentions with Rhett and with Faye and in the end I fell completely in love with her. The last supporting characters that I absolutely loved where Rhett’s coworkers, Roger and Cayden. These two supported Rhett and Faye from the very beginning to the very end.   It didn’t matter to them what Faye did in her past, they accepted her unconditionally and for that I will love those two till the day I die.

I’m glad I read this!   I love Angie from Twinsie Talks for recommending it to me! This story will stay with me forever and then some! It was so gripping that I could not put it down. The characters were undeniably powerful and I felt like I lived this ordeal right along side each and every one. The dialogue felt natural and the pacing swift. I seriously think I would have killed someone if I had to wait for all these books to come out… thank God I got to read them back to back! Ms. Martin created the perfect amount of tension throughout the entire tale that I was blown away by the climax. I LOVED THIS SERIAL!

5 stars because 10 is not available!  






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Megan D. Martin is a multi-published author, mother, student and editor. In her spare time she enjoys decorating her house with strange things that do not match, playing her old school Nintendo Entertainment System, and buying fish for her many fish tanks.

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