☠REVIEW: Tyrant (King #2) by TM Frazier☠


King and Pup are back in this exciting conclusion to the King Series by T.M. Frazier



I. Remember. Everything.

Only now I wish I didn’t.

When the fog is sucked away from my mind like smoke through a vacuum, the truth that has been beyond my reach for months finally reveals itself.

But the relief I thought I would feel never comes, and I’m more afraid now than I was the morning I woke up handcuffed in King’s bed.

Because with the truth comes dark secrets I was never meant to know.

I will put the lives of those I love most at risk if I let on that my memory has returned, or if I seek help from the heavily tattooed felon who owns me body and soul.

I don’t know if I’m strong enough to resist the magnetic pull toward King that grows stronger every day.

He’s already saved me in more ways than one. Now it’s my turn to do whatever it takes to save him.

Even if that means marrying someone else…



He cupped my ass and lifted me up, wrapping my legs around his waist. “There was one point I’d made the decision to tell you the truth. I owed you that much. But then all the shit went down with Isaac and Preppy, so when I made the deal with your father for Max, I thought I was doing you a favor by giving you your life back and getting you out of all the shit that came with being in mine.”

I squeezed my thighs around his waist, rubbing myself against his hardness. I moaned. “But you weren’t giving me my life back.” I corrected. I placed my palms on his cheeks and held his face in my hands, searching for any sign in his eyes that what I felt for him might have been wrong, but instead what I found was a resounding need to fix what was broken between us. Tears formed in my eyes. “You were taking it away.” King’s lips parted. He ran his thumb across my lower lip, turning his head he kissed his way up my arm.

“Goosebumps,” King observed, running his fingertips across my already stimulated skin. I bit my lip and stifled a moan.

“It’s just the heat,” I lied.

“You’ve got that fucking right,” King growled, bending my wrist behind my back, his lips came crashing down over mine. We were a tangling of lips, clanking of teeth, sloshing through the water to better line ourselves up with each other. It wasn’t pretty.

It was need.

“I’m still fucking mad at you for letting me go,” I said into his mouth, while our tongues did things other parts of me throbbed to do.

King stilled and held my face away from his, our chests heaving in unison, my erect nipples rubbing against his hot hard skin as we panted together. Our breaths mingled in the air. He ran his hand down the side of my face and cupped my cheek in his palm. “I didn’t give you away, Pup. I released you.”

I stilled. “You released me?” I couldn’t hide the hurt in my voice. For some reason, releasing me sounded worse than letting me go.

King ran his tongue across the tip of my earlobe, holding me tightly against his warmth. Chills ran down my spine and into my very core and they had nothing to do with the temperature of the rain.

“I tried to release you, Pup. For Max. But there was a major problem with that plan, and no matter what happened, it would never have worked,” King confessed.

“Why is that?” I asked, needing to know, but at the same time acutely aware of the pulsing between my legs. Relief and release was only a scrap or two of fabric away. Throbbing for me.

“The problem was…you never released me,” King growled, crashing his lips to mine. He moaned into my mouth when I rubbed myself up against his straining erection. He pushed the fabric of my shorts aside and the second he parted my folds with his index finger, I shuddered. He plunged a long index finger inside of me, and for a second my eyes rolled back in my head until he withdrew it. I cried out in frustration, wiggling myself against him, needing him to make me feel anything other than empty.

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Tyrant (King #2) by TM Frazier

King & Doe continued


To say I was astonished by this would be an understatement! TM Frazier will never fully comprehend what her words did to me in this book. From zero to sixty and back down to zero again in 2.5 seconds pretty much sums it up.   This tale of betrayal, acceptance, love, hate, and everything in between will have you reeling for days! Trust me when I tell you to settle in for the long haul when you pick this one up cause you won’t be coming up for air until you read “the end”

King is a character that you’ll just love to hate and… well… hate to love! He does some of the most messed up stuff, and makes some of them most insane decisions that I find myself literally yelling out loud at my damn kindle! He made a bad decision in the first book, and now has to deal with the repercussions of his actions.   He’s fighting so many battles throughout this tale. Some emotional and some physical. I just wanted to jump in at times to offer a hug or a fist!

Doe/Ray whatever her name is… she’s just one of the victims in this book. She’s disturbed over Kings decision to set her free, but nothing could be further from the truth. She isn’t free, she’s a pawn in a sick game. A game that will take you to places you never thought you’d go and bring your emotions to an all time high only to drop your butt off a cliff!   I can honestly say, with every fiber of my being that Doe is one of my all time much loved lead female characters.   She’s tough, witty, and clever.   She’s been to hell, she’s seen the devil and he wears many faces. Take heed!

The supporting character cast is larger in this book (I think) or maybe I’m just losing my mind!   I adore Bear to the core and cannot wait to read about him in Lawless. He’s one of the side characters that you just can’t wait to find out more about, get inside his head, and… well.. his pants!! The Senator and his wife… well, I’m not really sure what to say about them… His priorities are messed up and her everything is messed up. Nice set of parents, huh? Tanner is the ex boyfriend. There to help put the pieces back together. Eh, not my fave! All I can say about this supporting character cast is beware.. people are not who they seem to be.

Tyrant is dark, it’s gritty, and it’ll keep you engrossed from cover to cover. The characters, lead and supporting, were tremendously likable and easy to relate to. Everything seemed to fit together exceptionally well and the dialogue flowed with simplicity. I can finally release the breath I’ve been holding in since finishing King!   Outstanding follow up Ms. Frazier.   I look forward to the next installment.

5 Stars all the damn way!!!!

Haven’t read this series yet?  Meet King & Pup in King (Book #1)





T.M. (Tracey Marie) Frazier resides in sunny Southwest Florida with her husband and three feisty fur kids.

She attended Florida Gulf Coast University where she specialized in public speaking. After years working in real estate and new home construction, she decided it was finally time to stop pushing her dreams to the back burner and pursue writing seriously.

In the third grade she wrote her very first story about a lost hamster. It earned rave reviews from both her teacher and her parents.

It only took her twenty years to start the next one.

It will not be about hamsters.

Stalk Her: Website, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, and Goodreads.

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