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Forbidden to Me

Book 1 of the New York Series
Cover Reveal!

When Neil Durant rescues Jennifer Connor during a robbery on a cold night, he has no idea that his life will change forever. Even more shocking, he discovers that Jennifer is blind. And while Neil is trapped in a marriage of convenience, and knows that Jennifer is totally forbidden to him, he can’t seem to stay away.

It would be wise to separate her from his dirty world, but fate insists on bringing them closer and closer. Past and future intertwine surprisingly–and the two find themselves plunged into an incandescent passion…

Coming October 5th!

╰☆╮REVIEW & TOUR: Unlawful Desire (ALFA PI #2) by Chelle Bliss╰☆╮

Series: ALFA PI Book #2


No matter how hard I tried to push her away, fate thrust us together again.

Screw relationships. My motto: Hit it and quit it.
Simple worked. Feelings weren’t on the line, hearts weren’t able to be broken,
and I could keep my life simple.

My friends told me to move on and find the “one,” but I wasn’t ready to love again.
Until I met her.
A dirty-mouthed temptress with a killer body that had me questioning everything.
I knew I could ruin her forever, but not without losing myself.
I wouldn’t do it.
But Georgia Phillips was innocent, pure, and total perfection.
I wouldn’t be the one to strip her bare and break her heart.
I swore I’d never call another woman mine, but that was before I almost lost her.
Warning: If you can’t handle a cocky bad boy or a badass chick with a dirty mouth,
this might not be the book for you.


Unlawful Desire Excerpt

She leaned back against the bar with her tits jutting out and her arms crossed underneath. “What’s your problem with me? Did I do something to you, Frisco?”

Caught off guard by her question, my body jerked backward. “N-no,” I stuttered.

She tapped her foot. “You ditched me, marched off when you heard my age, and tonight, you seem less than happy that I’m here. What the fuck gives?”

I cleared my throat, trying to find my voice and a reasonable explanation. “I don’t have anything against you.” I was in so much trouble.

“Let’s cut the shit, Frisco. I’m a big girl. What’s the problem? Would you rather I leave?” Her body oozed attitude.

I cringed. I never wanted to hurt anyone, but I knew that I had hurt her feelings. “No. Don’t go. I’m sorry. It’s just that Sunshine…” My chest tightened. “She’s trying to fix us up.”

Georgia filled her cheeks with air before slowly exhaling. “Is that so bad?” She narrowed her eyes. “If I’m not your type, it’s cool. But otherwise, what’s the issue? I thought we had a nice time up until you left the party. I’m a big girl. Just be honest with me. I’m not into playing games.”

I wanted to play games. Naked games that ended with us against a wall, tangled together like we’d played the sexiest game of Twister.


Unlawful Desire by Chelle Bliss
Frisco and Georgia

Well, as usual, Chelle delivers a star studded addition to the ALFA PI series. I know, I know I say this every damn time she puts a book out… but this one is her best one yet! This one pulls on every last damn heartstring you have! It will make you laugh right after you’ve cried your eyes out! This is the second addition to Chelle’s new ALFA PI series and I’m looking forward to the next installment! What a breathtaking love story!

Frisco is one of those guys you admire from afar. You know he’s hot, you know he’s arrogant, and you know you just don’t stand a chance with him. He has this enormous heart, but who he selects to let in there and see his vulnerable side is counted on one hand. He’s witty, comical, and all kinds of entertaining! How I’d love to be a fly on the wall at the Neon Cowboy listening to the boys rant and pick on each other!

Georgia is so damn adorable! I just wanna eat that beotch up! She’s so spunky and has a mouth on her, oh boy! At first I thought she was going to be a quiet little thing… WRONG… she’s got opinions and she’s not afraid to let them known. I’m glad she wasn’t so much an outsider, but someone Suzy already knew and could guide down the path of least resistance! That doesn’t mean Georgia took that path…lol… just means Suzy is a meddling punk who makes sure shit happens!!

Great supporting characters cast… I love me some Bear! That’s a gonna be a crazy story there… the guys nothing but hardcore all the way around… can’t wait to see if Chelle ever softens out his rough exterior! It was great to see City, Suzy, Thomas, James, and Sam again. Those are some characters I’ll never forget! Especially Suzy… that girl was crackin’ me up with her match maker bullcrap! So. Damn. Cute. One character I’m still not sure I like is Frisco’s Mother. She seemed very condescending and kind of pissed me off. I wanted to throat punch her a few times!!

Well, Unlawful Desire is not a dark read… in fact it’s a sweet love story with a few bumps in the road! The characters are extremely likable and very relatable. The writing style was effortless to read and the pacing flowed with an exceptionally steady speed. The highs and lows that lead up to the climax were just right and held my attention from cover to cover! Loved it!

5 Stars


Sinful Intent Ebook CoverGRAB A COPY TODAY!


My Review

BlissChelle Bliss, USA Today Bestselling author, currently lives in a small town near the Gulf of Mexico in Florida. She’s a full-time writer, time-waster extraordinaire, social media addict, and coffee fiend. She’s written over thirteen books and has three series available. She loves spending her free time with her boyfriend, 2 cats, and her hamster.

Before becoming a writer, Chelle taught high school history for over ten years. She holds a master’s degree in Instructional Technology and a bachelor’s in history. Although history is her first love, writing has become her dream job and she can’t imagine doing anything else.



★✩★NEW RELEASE: Captivated by Susan Scott Shelley★✩★

Book 2 of her Game Of Love Series 


Domingo Torres, star center fielder for the Los Angeles Riptide, needs to stay off management’s radar after a Spring Training game ended in flying fists and bloodshed. He’s ordered to keep a lid on his temper and a low profile for the rest of the season. Keeping his focus solely on baseball isn’t a problem- until he meets his sexy new neighbor, and his thoughts shift to a lot more than his batting average.
After years of complete control in handling every aspect of her brother’s multi-platinum selling rock band, Irisa Rostov is ready to crack. And it doesn’t help that the band is on the verge of self-destruction. Playing peacemaker and keeping them together for the last six weeks of their summer concert series is all that matters- until she meets Dom, and the feelings he stirs up causes the guards around her heart to weaken.
Getting distracted by romance is the last thing Irisa wants, and being in the headlines is the last thing Dom needs, but their attraction is undeniable, their connection is immediate, and staying away is impossible.
But when being captivated by each other causes their worlds to fall apart, they must decide whether they’re better off staying on the bench and out of each other’s lives, or if love can find a way to win.

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Amazon UK
Rekindled (book 1)http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00U245GAS
Captivated (book 2) http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B015K0BPVC 
Barnes & Noble
Rekindled (book 1) http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/rekindled-susan-scott- shelley/1122033870?ean=9780692454459 

About the Author 

Susan Scott Shelley is an award-winning author of contemporary romance and romantic suspense who spends her days writing about tough heroes, smart heroines, and love being the strongest magic there is. For as long as she can remember, she has been in love with Love, and the sweeping grand gestures, heart-sighing moments, fiery passion, and quiet comforts it entails. In addition to writing romances, she is also a profession voice over artist. Her favorite things include running, sports (especially football and hockey), hard rock and old Hollywood movies. She resides outside Philadelphia with her very own Superhero and believes life should be lived with laughter, enthusiasm, and a sense of wonder.

Get to know the Author: 

Amazon US 
Amazon UK
http://www.amazon.co.uk/Susan-Scott- Shelley/e/B00NT6OJPO/ref=sr_ntt_srch_lnk_4?qid=1442865153&sr=8-4


✩★✩COVER REVEAL: The Submission of Theodora by SiobhanDaiko✩★✩

Title: The Submission Of Theodora
Author: Siobhan Daiko
Genre: Erotic Romance
It’s not every day a girl gets to meet the most powerful man in the world – but it’s not every girl that’s deemed useful. I’ve been deemed useful to the heir apparent to the Roman Emperor!
My skin prickles with awareness of him.
His hips form a perfect V; his chest seems forged from iron.
I long to touch him.
I long to be possessed by him.
I long to lose all sense of Theodora and be lost in Justinian.
Crazy, impetuous, domineering Justinian. With each word he speaks, I drift deeper into the maelstrom of his mind.
They tell me he has unusual tastes. They tell me I must surrender to him. “But as a former courtesan  it’s usually been me in charge.”
But when his true plans for me reveal themselves, and the darkness in Justinian comes to the fore, he threatens my integrity… threatens my very spirit.
Will his darkness swallow me whole?
I’m about to find out.
Advisory: this novel contains vivid erotica, and some hard-core elements of BDSM, all consensual. 18+ only.
Release Date October 27
Siobhan Daiko is an author of romantic historical fiction and erotic
romance. A lover of all things Italian, she lives in the Veneto region of
northern Italy with her husband and two cats. After a life of romance and
adventure in Hong Kong, Australia and the UK Siobhan now spends her time, when
she isn’t writing, enjoying the dolce
near Venice. The Submission of
is her second book featuring famous courtesans of the past: strong
women who held their own in a man’s world.
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╰☆╮AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT & REVIEW: Not Quite Juliet by Katherine Rhodes╰☆╮

not quite juliet

One fateful night, by the grace of beer and peanuts, Morgan Kirkbride–the self-professed super fangirl of Silver Soul– falls for the sexy rock god, Nick D. Literally.

Lands on her ass right in front of him.

Morgan is sure the lead singer of Silver Soul thought she was a graceless flake, but instead asks her to a midnight diner and winds up back at her place. She’s captivated, but sure it’s just a crazy one-night fling… Imagine her shock when the very next Monday at Allegheny County Courthouse, the highly respected, well-credentialed chemist Dr. Nicholas Dovadsky is called as a witness — and Morgan recognizes him as the rock god who rocked her bed.

Sparks fly between them, but things get complicated – fast. When an ex-boyfriend returns to haunt Morgan and her roommate, no one takes him seriously. But when the simple threats become violent, perverse and horrifying, she realizes someone is out to get her.

Nick doesn’t intend for anything or anyone to stop him from getting to know the spunky, curvaceous, if clumsy, woman. He just keeps coming back…because there’s one thing he knows: he wants Morgan in his life, for good.

**Content Warning: Contains explicit content and adult situations that may not be suitable for all audiences. 18+ Audience**




Not Quite Juliet by Katherine Rhodes
Morgan & Nick

This was a truly good read! It’s has the perfect mixture of humor, sex appeal, and grit. It’s not exactly a “Rocker” book, but it has that type of element in it. It’s so much more and will have you wrapped in knots a few times!

Morgan is our heroine and she’s absolutely breathtaking. She’s a ordinary girl with curves that go on forever. I like that about her. It’s nice to read about an actual character that somewhat resembles it’s reader! She’s working as a per diem court clerk and moonlights as a bartender at Club Imperial. One day she’ll be the best damn judge! She’s a self professed “Fangirl” of the band Silver Souls so when she meets and sleeps with Nick D, the band’s lead singer, of course she’s convinced she’ll never see him again… until… he shows up in her courtroom the next day!

Nick is all kinds of awesome-sauce! He’s a rocker, a professor, and a sexy hunka alpha cake! He wants Morgan in more ways than one, but he’s struggling with trying to convince her how perfect she is for him. There are a few people dead set on putting her down and making her feel in inadequate, but I think Nick’s got other ideas!

The supporting character cast is pretty good… The other guys in the band are mostly supportive of Nick and Morgan while one asspipe seems to constantly be a dick. Morgan’s friends are great. Even that dummie Lisa cracks me up!

All in all the books was a fun, sexy read! It’s was effortless to read and the pacing flowed with efficiency and felt very natural. This book will make you giggle, sob, and it will definitely melt your panties!

ARC provided by Publisher/Author for an honest review

4.5 Stars



Armed with her Bachelors of English, Literature from Montclair State University and a pen name, Katherine Rhodes has set her mind to writing erotic romances which are kinky, dirty, and fun. A lackadaisical laundry goddess, expert in the profundities of bad movies and awful literature, she resides in Philadelphia with her husband, three cats and a betta named Fishtian Grey.

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