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not quite juliet

One fateful night, by the grace of beer and peanuts, Morgan Kirkbride–the self-professed super fangirl of Silver Soul– falls for the sexy rock god, Nick D. Literally.

Lands on her ass right in front of him.

Morgan is sure the lead singer of Silver Soul thought she was a graceless flake, but instead asks her to a midnight diner and winds up back at her place. She’s captivated, but sure it’s just a crazy one-night fling… Imagine her shock when the very next Monday at Allegheny County Courthouse, the highly respected, well-credentialed chemist Dr. Nicholas Dovadsky is called as a witness — and Morgan recognizes him as the rock god who rocked her bed.

Sparks fly between them, but things get complicated – fast. When an ex-boyfriend returns to haunt Morgan and her roommate, no one takes him seriously. But when the simple threats become violent, perverse and horrifying, she realizes someone is out to get her.

Nick doesn’t intend for anything or anyone to stop him from getting to know the spunky, curvaceous, if clumsy, woman. He just keeps coming back…because there’s one thing he knows: he wants Morgan in his life, for good.

**Content Warning: Contains explicit content and adult situations that may not be suitable for all audiences. 18+ Audience**




Not Quite Juliet by Katherine Rhodes
Morgan & Nick

This was a truly good read! It’s has the perfect mixture of humor, sex appeal, and grit. It’s not exactly a “Rocker” book, but it has that type of element in it. It’s so much more and will have you wrapped in knots a few times!

Morgan is our heroine and she’s absolutely breathtaking. She’s a ordinary girl with curves that go on forever. I like that about her. It’s nice to read about an actual character that somewhat resembles it’s reader! She’s working as a per diem court clerk and moonlights as a bartender at Club Imperial. One day she’ll be the best damn judge! She’s a self professed “Fangirl” of the band Silver Souls so when she meets and sleeps with Nick D, the band’s lead singer, of course she’s convinced she’ll never see him again… until… he shows up in her courtroom the next day!

Nick is all kinds of awesome-sauce! He’s a rocker, a professor, and a sexy hunka alpha cake! He wants Morgan in more ways than one, but he’s struggling with trying to convince her how perfect she is for him. There are a few people dead set on putting her down and making her feel in inadequate, but I think Nick’s got other ideas!

The supporting character cast is pretty good… The other guys in the band are mostly supportive of Nick and Morgan while one asspipe seems to constantly be a dick. Morgan’s friends are great. Even that dummie Lisa cracks me up!

All in all the books was a fun, sexy read! It’s was effortless to read and the pacing flowed with efficiency and felt very natural. This book will make you giggle, sob, and it will definitely melt your panties!

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4.5 Stars



Armed with her Bachelors of English, Literature from Montclair State University and a pen name, Katherine Rhodes has set her mind to writing erotic romances which are kinky, dirty, and fun. A lackadaisical laundry goddess, expert in the profundities of bad movies and awful literature, she resides in Philadelphia with her husband, three cats and a betta named Fishtian Grey.

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