Indie Authors need your help!

Areas of Louisiana have been hit hard by tragic, historic flooding, with thousands of residents finding themselves stranded and possibly losing their homes. As of Sunday evening, more than 20,000 had been rescued and at least four people died. Louisiana authorities warned that the flooding might not be over yet if scattered showers fall in the region. Gov. John Bel Edwards had the area declared a disaster. “This is a serious event,” he said. “It is ongoing. It is not over.”
There are so many people in need, but it has been brought to my attention that 4 indie authors in particular have lost everything. I’m hoping you’ll take a moment this week and share the links below on your page or timeline. If you do a newsletter, maybe you can slip in their links somewhere too. There’s power in numbers and as a community we have the ability to give these families some sort of comfort one click at a time.

Thank you for your time and have an amazing week!
Tee Tate’s 
Rain is still falling in Louisiana, and the Tate Family’s home is underwater. I’m Christine Case-Lo – I’ve known author Tee Tate for years through a shared love of good reading and good writing. Now she and Chris and two teens (13 and 16) have had to leave their family home due to the flooding in and around Baton Rouge. They’ve lost their home and two cars and years of memories. They have no prospects for a new place.
The whole area is underwater, and without flood insurance, once the water recedes rebuilding their lives will be a challenge without our help. Tee and Chris are amazing people, who would help anyone who needed it. Now, they are the ones who need help.I’m sitting high and dry in California – but once I saw the pictures of their area – I knew they would need us to help contribute as soon as possible. Please give what you can, and let others know that they can make a difference for this awesome family. All money will be used to help the Tate Family. Thank you!
Another way to help is
GoFundMe –
Books on Amazon –
Due to the recent flooding in Louisiana, Season’s family has lost their home, their cars, and everything except the clothes on their backs. Season is not only a talented author, but she is more importantly, a loving mother of her 8 month-old daughter.
It will be a very long road for her, Jack, and their baby to put the pieces of their lives back together. Season is such a loving person with a vibrant personality. She’s made many friends and those friends want to help however they can. No donation is too small to ease the devestation they have suffered.
This fund was created by Season’s friends and Season has direct access to these funds to help her family as needed.
Help spread the word!

GoFund Me –
Books on Amazon –


They have lost everything except what they could load into Joel’s truck.  They were able to get out safely and will be staying with her father in the upper floor of his home until they can get their life back together.While Amanda has lived in Zachary her whole life there has never been flooding this bad.If you can find it in your heart to help, it would be so very much appreciated.  Amanda is one of the sweetest, most giving, people I know.  She and her family reluctantly agree to allow assistance in the recovery of their lives after such a devastating event.  They are a young family with young children who are scared but strong.The money collected by this campaign will help them to rebuild their lives, whether it be in this home or another home.  They have lost most of their material belongings, but they have each other.  And they have their friends.The campaign and fund designation has been transferred to Amanda Lanclos.  All funds will go directly to her.  I just had the time and will to set it up for her. Thanks, Tina! In the interest of transparency I, Tina Spurlock, created this gofundme for Amanda Lanclos and her family to cover expenses related to the flooding of her home in Louisiana that has occurred on Aug 12 and 13th.

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GoFundMe –
Books on Amazon –

Books on Amazon –

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