Review: Pennies (Dollar #1) by Pepper Winters

“I’m not the hero in this story, girl. You’d do best to remember that.”

Once upon a time, I was an eighteen year old psychology student.
Now, I’m a man’s property.
Stolen and sold, I’ve been decorated in bruises since the day my world changed two years ago.
I suffer in silence, I crave freedom, but I never break.
I can’t.
Until he arrives.
Elder Prest, the only man to look at me and see me. The only man more ruthless than my owner.
He wants me for reasons I don’t understand.
He claims me for one night then leaves and never looks back.
Until he returns.
And life becomes much more complicated.


Pennies by Pepper Winters
Pimlico, Elder, and Master A

I just released the breath I’ve been holding since I opened this book…. This is my introduction into the fucked up world of Pepper Winters. Yep, this is how I popped my Pepper cherry and I’m telling you… I’m reeling from this… I could not (for the life of me) put this dark and dank book down!

Pimlico (Tasmin) is such a resilient young woman. I don’t think I’d have half the courage she had for so long. Think of the unimaginable as far as what you think you can endure and then triple it! This woman defies the odds and keeps her chin up. Well, when Master A would allow it! Broken bones and bruises where the norm on the outside, but her spirit and tenacity kept her from sinking into the abyss. I love her in every way, shape, and form.

Master A is a complete and utter fuckstick! He’s the epitome of evil. He hurts without regard, he takes without concern, and he walks around like it’s all ok to be such a dick. I can’t even begin to describe the evil that he is. The devil could learn a few tricks from this prick! He can take his white house, white clothes, and white life and shove it up his Lillie white ass!

Elder… oh God, Elder… I think I love him. He’s dark, mysterious, and all alpha. He makes me want to see the good in people. He’s done things he’s not proud of and I’m sure he’ll do more, but where Pim is concerned, his heart is slowly breaking through its rigid shell. I’m not sure where his intentions will bring him and Pim at the moment, but I’m hopeful it’ll be a place of respect, adoration, and hope.

This story is uber dark… you need to heed the authors warning at the beginning of the book… It has many triggers and will probably go down as one of the top ten darkest books I’ve ever read. It’s gripping, it’s persuasive, and it’s tragic. The characters are powerful and the storyline profound. I’m not completely sure how many books are in this series, but this one is not a standalone. I’m gonna dive into the next one soon.

Pepper Winters is a New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today International Bestseller. She loves romance, star-crossed lovers, and the forbidden taboo. She strives to write a story that makes the reader crave what they shouldn’t, and delivers tales with complex plots and unforgettable characters.

After chasing her dreams to become a full-time writer, Pepper has earned recognition with awards for best Dark Romance, best BDSM Series, and best Hero. She’s an #1 iBooks bestseller, along with #1 in Erotic Romance, Romantic Suspense, Contemporary, and Erotica Thriller. She’s also honoured to wear the IndieReader Badge for being a Top 10 Indie Bestseller.

After releasing two books with Grand Central, Hachette (Ruin & Rule and Sin & Suffer) Pepper is a Hybrid Author of both Traditional and Self-published work.

Represented by Trident Media, her books have garnered foreign interest and are currently being translated into numerous languages, including already released titles in Italian and Turkish. Audio Books for her entire back-list will be available in 2016.

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New Release: Darkness Before Dawn by Leigh Robbins

Cover Designer: Jo-Anna Walker of Just Write. Creations
Formatter: Deena Rae of E-BookBuilders for Beyond DEF
Publish Date: 06/15/2017



Blinded in Iraq while in the Marines, Matthew Cage never realized the key to unlocking his forever midnight world was within arm’s reach.

Dawn Richards first saw her best friend’s older brother via webcam. For years, she secretly desired him, keeping her fantasies hidden from the rest of the world. 
After a downward spiral, Matthew secluded himself in his prison of darkness, but his sister and friends helped him find his way. Having worked hard to become a Master Instructor in Close Quarters Combat, Matthew’s world seems normal until tragedy strikes.
When Dawn’s life is threatened, Matthew refuses to let her deal with it alone. Can Dawn trust him to protect her? Will Matthew finally believe he can have sunshine in his world?


I woke up to total darkness. I didn’t
know if I was dead or alive until I tried to blink, but the pain was worse if I
tried to breathe or move, so I figured I must be alive and in hell. Turns out I
was right.
I wanted to fight the suffocating fear
that came over me. I tried to calm my panic and assess the circumstances.
I was definitely lying in a bed. I felt
buried alive. Is there a blanket over my
Am I paralyzed? Why can’t I
move? Why can’t I see or hear anything except incessant beeping?
Hot waves of pain crashed over me,
reverberating through every fiber of my body. All the limbs must have been
there; I felt pain fucking everywhere. Surely if I had lost some parts, they
wouldn’t be hurting so much. Able to move one hand, I used it to explore. Painfully
reaching up to feel my face covered with bandages, I discovered wires sticking
out from it. My lips were rough and hard; they didn’t feel like lips. I could
put the tip of my pinky in my partially open mouth, but then wires and braces
stopped it from further exploration. Oh
shit, this is going to totally suck
I moved my hand downward to the bandages
covering my chest and then over my stomach to my dick—limper than I ever
remembered it being, but at least all in one piece. My entire right side was
heavily bandaged, radiating with agonizing pain.
happened to me? What the fuck happened to me, and what’s coming next?
I started to panic again, which caused
the telemetry heart monitor to beep so loudly I didn’t hear the nurse come in.
“You’ll be all right.” The nurse’s
hands were firm, yet gentle, as she soothed my arm tied to the bedside. “Try to
relax. I’m giving you something in your IV to help you calm down.”
I escaped the only way I could, back
into oblivion.


Leigh Robbins earned her Master of Science in counseling psychology from Nova Southeastern University in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.
Leigh writes romance novels because love makes her world go ‘round. If not romance, what besides the flu, makes your heart beat faster, your breath more rapid, and your temperature soar? Lucky to have found love at fifteen, Leigh and her husband live in South Florida surrounded by their family and fur babies.


Leigh’s books are tales of love and lust not written for the faint of heart. Self-published, she seeks your help to spread the word and help like-minded readers find her books. If you enjoy reading them, Leigh always appreciates your reviews on the bookseller websites, or you can contact her via email to say hello!

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