Review: The Last Hour of Gann by R. Lee Smith

It was her last chance:

Amber Bierce had nothing left except her sister and two tickets on Earth’s first colony-ship. She entered her Sleeper with a five-year contract and the promise of a better life, but awakened in wreckage on an unknown world. For the survivors, there is no rescue, no way home and no hope until they are found by Meoraq—a holy warrior more deadly than any hungering beast on this hostile new world…but whose eyes show a different sort of hunger when he looks at her.

It was his last year of freedom:

Uyane Meoraq is a Sword of Sheul, God’s own instrument of judgment, victor of hundreds of trials, with a conqueror’s rights over all men. Or at least he was until his father’s death. Now, without divine intervention, he will be forced to assume stewardship over House Uyane and lose the life he has always known. At the legendary temple of Xi’Matezh, Meoraq hopes to find the deliverance he seeks, but the humans he encounters on his pilgrimage may prove too great a test even for him…especially the one called Amber, behind whose monstrous appearance burns a woman’s heart unlike any he has ever known.


The Last Hour of Gann by R. Lee Smith
Amber & Meoraq
5 Stars

I read this on the recommendation of a good friend. She told me it’ll take me 40+ hours to read it and she wasn’t kidding. In fact I think it took me longer than that… but… I’m here to tell you it was so damn worth it! This book is unlike any other I’ve read in an uber long time and I absolutely loved it.

Amber is me, she’s us, she represents the human race in a hostile environment and I’m not just talking about aggressive aliens. The other humans are a challenge of epic proportions. Amber not only has to contend with the voice in her head always telling her she’s not good enough or tough enough or thin enough, but these damn humans she’s so unfortunate to be stuck with on this foreign plant could turn Cinderella in to Cruella Deville.

Meoraq, the “Lizardman” is chilling, ferocious, and sometime hilarious! I loved how he singled out Amber and decided she was the one to learn from, train, and support. He’s on his own journey which seems to change as the trek goes along. According to his God, or Gann everything happens for a reason. People and things are put in his path because God/Gann put them there. He meditates a lot about what to do, where to go, and how to cope with his predicament.

In a way, this story is about us, our Earth, and OURpredicament. We follow blindly and without proof. We are slowly killing our Earth and each other and instead of putting on the breaks, we pray (meditate) and yell full speed ahead. God will save us. God will tell us what to do. God must be telling us something. Scary!

This story is long and thought provoking. The characters are extremely powerful and persuasive. The dialogue is somewhat hard to follow, but once the language barrier is lifted, it gets easier. Most books create tension that leads to a huge climax. I found this one was constant tension and more than one climax. I loved just about every aspect of it and will never forget how it made me feel.


R. Lee Smith is an author of epic-length sci-fi/horror erotica. If you purchase one of these books, expect to be sucked into a fascinating and long story.

Author’s pet phrase:
“Help! I’m writing, and I can’t shut up!”

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