Review: Secrets by the River by Terry Marie

Nineteen years have passed since Karen, Suzy, and Connie reclaimed their lives. In the years since “Running from Beige”, the women’s friendship has only grown stronger and their lives more colorful.

Karen’s twins are all grown up and now the family and friends face a threat they never saw coming.

In “Running from Beige, Book 1” in “The Ties that Bind” series, the three strong women would do anything to save themselves.

In “Secrets by the River, Book 2”, what will they do to save someone they love?


Secrets by the River by Terri Marie
5 Stars all the damn way!!!

This is the second book in the Ties that Bind series. In the first book Terri introduces us to the 3 most amazing women I’ve ever read about. This installment (book 2) is a kind of continuation of that story, but leaning more towards their family, their children to be exact. It’s a very difficult book to read in a good way. You may not ever know how far you’ll go to protect what is yours until you’re actually face to face with the evil that threatens to destroy it. I loved this story and everything about it, in it, and what it stands for!

I can’t really say too much about the story without giving it away, but you should know this… This story will make you laugh out loud, cry out loud, and believe it or not, it will make the hair on the back of your neck stand on end. It’s was riveting and passionate. These women are my heros in every way!

The story was compelling from book one to book two. The characters are extremely commanding and draw you into the most brilliant story. The dialogue flows nicely and feels and sounds natural and the tension is non-stop. Sheesh Terri, you made my ticker leap outta my chest a few times!! I love you, I love this story, and I love how your words make me feel. You totally rock!!!


Terri Marie

Terri Marie is a USA Today and NYT Bestselling Author of Romantic Suspense/Thrillers, Contemporary Romance, and Women’s Fiction. She resides in Michigan with her family.

A Billionaire in Disguise Series:
Forbidden Disclosure
A Perfect Plan
The Wrong Side of Midnight
Someone Exactly Like You
A Billionaire in Disguise, Books 1-3, Boxed Set

The Montclair Brothers series:
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Waves of Reckoning, Book 3
The Montclair Brothers, Books 1-3, Boxed set
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The Montclair Brothers, Books 4-6, Boxed set
To Deserve you, A Montclair Valentine’s Novella, Book 7

The Ties that Bind Series:
Running from Beige Book 1
Secrets by the River Book 2

Where you can find Terri Marie:
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