Knights After My Heart by Sonya Jesus

Knights After My Heart (Westbrook Knights)
Author: Sonya Jesus


Amelia’s past issues and personal time limits propel her into a relationship that alters her normal life at Westbrook University. Connor, her new potential boyfriend, triggers jealousy, rehashes old relationships, sparks new ones, and ignites a rage in others that will devastate her ordinary life. As she desperately tries to hold on to her pre-Connor life, she struggles to balance the new-found attention while trying to follow her heart. Something she realizes is complicated… very complicated – because her heart has no idea where it’s going.

Connor may be the change Lia is looking for, but he is certainly not the ending Hawk wants for his Queen. Hawk’s invested too much time in planning his future to let some random guy walk away with his happily ever after. He will do anything to protect her virtue, even if it means protecting her from herself because Amelia belongs to him.
He’s chosen her…
He’s watched her…
He’s studied her…
He knows everything there is to learn about her…
And when the time is right she will reign his heart.

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Who am I?

Basically, I’m a fiction writing science nerd, who balances Ph.D. work with my imagination. I love the way writing fiction liberates my mind and allows me the freedom to be creative. A large portion of my time is devoted to turning dreams into reality and the other portion to loving and embracing life. When I’m not writing or trying to investigate the inner workings of the microbial world, I’m either binge watching Netflix, reading on my Kindle or painting. That or I’m either pretending to be a Master Chef with my husband, playing with my 5 dogs, or talking to my family and friends.

Why do I write?

My mind is a hotel and way too many characters live there. They slam doors, fall in love, blow things up and murder each other. Avoiding them usually results in multiple temper tantrum, slamming doors and silent treatments that inevitably results in writer’s block. So, I listen to them and share their stories.

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¸.•´¸.•*´¨) EXCLUSIVE TEASER & EXCERPT REVEAL ¸.•´¸.•*´¨)

¸.•´¸.•*´¨) EXCLUSIVE TEASER & EXCERPT REVEAL ¸.•´¸.•*´¨)
A sexy young topless couple embracing in jeans

A sexy young topless couple embracing in jeans

My vocal cords are hoarse from the amount of screaming that I’ve done today.

For hours, I watch Angel getting tortured.

At first, I tried to look away, but the man forced me to look by turning my body toward Angel. Seeing him tied up and at the mercy of some monster makes my insides churn.

I’m dying. Not physically, but mentally … dying at the sight of Angel losing his will to live.

With every drop of his blood, more of his energy spills out along with his reason, his sole motivator to fight.

It was me.

All along, it was me.

He wanted me to live, and in his effort to save me, he sacrificed his own life.

I wish I could turn back time and tell him not to. That I could stop him from even coming into the house and attempting to rescue me, just so I could spare him this pain.

I don’t want to see him hurt. I don’t want to see him bleed to death.

I love him.

It’s not hard to admit when I witness the man carve a hole into his body right on top of his heart … the heart that belongs to me.

I am his and he is mine.

And now we’re set to die.




21 years 
On her 21st birthday she’s taken. Collected by a rich family as an unpaid debt. Her body sold. Her mind his.
21 weeks 
For 21 weeks she carried a burden no girl should ever have to carry. Now she loses her freedom to a man born to destroy her.
21 days 
His name: Angel DeLuca. His mission: To break her in 21 days before she sees through his lies. But she won’t give up without a fight.
21 minutes 
It takes only 21 minutes for their lives to be forever entwined.
21 seconds 
21 seconds to spill. Time is running out.
Secrets ruin them … but not all truths are worth the price.